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Young Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. To Be Comic-Con Exclusives

For those of you attending Comic-Con (either the San Diego or New York varieties), you can grab an exclusive figure set by BifBangPow! there; Young Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. in retro tin lunch box-style packaging to boot. The set will set you back $45 and will be available at San Diego (July 21 - 24) and New York (Oct. 13 - 16) Comic-Cons first and will also ship (while supplies last) to anyone who orders them from Entertainment Earth. You can read more on Action Figure Insider.
  • by Jory
  • (unregistered id: 44065B2C0F)
  • Reply
Not that this isn't wicked dope, but I wish the lunch box was a replica of the one Billy had in Escape to the House of Mummies Pt. II, with a brown-haired Rusty riding a pterodactyl.
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May. 5, 2011, 4:57pm
  • by Hardy
  • (unregistered id: FFF530337A)
  • Reply
And your wish shall be granted! (Read the description, the box is based on the lunch box Billy had in Escape to the House of Mummies Pt. II)
  • 0
May. 6, 2011, 2:17pm
  • by Jory
  • (unregistered id: 44065B2C0F)
  • Reply
Hot dog!
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May. 9, 2011, 12:56am
  • by The Mysterious 'H'
  • (unregistered id: 7A837D4909)
  • Reply
As well as hot sandwich!
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May. 10, 2011, 9:09pm
  • (unregistered id: AD0A27B991)
  • Reply
Just pre-ordered the exclusive and they look amazing, The lunchbox is what impresses the most, I hope it is as good as it looks. Kudos to Bif Bang Pow and to the fellows at Astro Base. Now just get me a Sgt. Hated and ShoreLeave and I'll be right as rain. An Alchemist wouldn't be bad either.
  • 0
May. 10, 2011, 9:47am
According to the commentary in one of the season 4.2 episodes apparently a 'major toy chain' refuses to carry a Sgt. Hatred figure based on his... characterization :(

Though BifBangPow did say on their twitter that one should never say never so he might become some kind of online exclusive or maybe a convention exclusive in the future, if he does get made. Totally speculation on my part though.
  • 0
May. 10, 2011, 2:55pm
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Amien (Formerly R...)

Oct. 8, 2016, 6:58pm
The Venture Bros. Panel from NYCC 2016 is archived on Twitch at the mail channel. Some minor spoilers to follow... Orpheus and Dermott have both been written in to Season 7, though the latter in small doses. They are finishing working on the scripts and they hope to start production in the next month or two. They have said this before but the first episode of Season 7 will act as a finale to Season 6. (Much like how the Gargantua-2 special ended Season 5 on a proper note). They are very conscious that the past two seasons have not had a proper finale and they are trying to fix that in Season 7. While they have not been renewed for a Season 8, they HAVE NOT been cancelled. In fact, they said they are specifically not writing Season 7 as if it were the last one. Finally, The Art of the Venture Bros. is still a go! It has expanded into a much bigger book than they imagined and Ken Plume has been doing the work on it. It has material from all six seasons, and it sounds like an in-depth interview that spans the entire book. Release date and information still to come.


Mar. 17, 2016, 6:48pm
Interview with Hal Lublin https://medium.com/the-dot-and-line/exclusive-interview-hal-lublin-breaks-down-venture-bros-and-playing-up-his-asthma-eaf28ecb7b89#.v3p6osl3y


Feb. 24, 2016, 2:50pm
Adult Swim's Tumblr says they're working on more VB merch soon! http://adultswim.tumblr.com/post/139913216494/quirkett-duprass42-on-the-one-hand-im

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